Z-Man Micro TRD 1.75"

Color: 379 Bumblebee


The 1.75" Micro TRD from Z-Man is small enough that it can be easily inhaled by bass, trout and all other types of fish. It has the proven TRD stickbait profile in a size of just under 4.5 cm. The 10X Tough ElaZtech composition means the Micro TRD can withstand dozens of strikes and catches per lure. The extra soft, buoyant material rises from the bottom when at rest, ensuring the Micro TRD constantly commands attention. Fits perfectly with the Z- Man Micro Finesse ShroomZ jig heads.

  • All Z-Man soft baits are made from ElaZtech. This material is super soft and therefore enables incomparable bait play.
  • The Z-Man rubber fish are extremely elastic and yet tear-resistant, so that the bait is around 10x as durable as regular rubber fish.
  • The rubber mixture is buoyant, so that carefree baits float in the water.

All Z-Man baits are free of PVC, plastisol or phthalates.

ATTENTION: Please do not store Z-Man rubber baits together with soft plastic baits from other manufacturers. Either store it in the original bag or create a separate tackle box just for ElaZtech baits.

Product details:

  • Material: ElaZtech
  • Strongly buoyant
  • Contents: 8 pieces
  • Size: 1.75" / 4.5cm