Z-Man Finesse Shroomz

Color: 01 Green Pumpkin
Weight: 1.8 grams


With the Finesse ShroomZ, Z-Man has developed special jig heads for the Ned Rig. They fit perfectly with baits like Finesse TRD, Hula StickZ, TRD TubeZ or TRD HogZ. The mushroom-shaped head ensures it stays upright on the bottom of the water. A small, fine lure keeper made of wire on the hook shank keeps the special lures made from ElaZtech super safe - no need for glue! The Finesse ShroomZ are equipped with extremely sharp hooks that will hold any bass, even in the small sizes.

ATTENTION: Please do not store Z-Man rubber baits together with soft plastic baits from other manufacturers. Either store it in the original bag or create a separate tackle box just for ElaZtech baits.

Product details:

  • Size 1: 1.4g - 2.8g
  • Size 2: 4.6g and 5.6g
  • Weights: 1.4g (1/20oz), 1.8g (1/15oz), 2.8g (1/10oz), 4.6g (1/6oz), 5.6g (1/5oz)
  • Contents: 5 pieces