Z-Man Elaztech Binderz Doublewide bait bag

Size: 45x29cm


Z-Man baits made from environmentally friendly ElaZtech material must not be stored together with conventional soft plastic. There can also be problems with some bait boxes. The manufacturer recommends that it is best to leave the bait in its packaging. They can then be transported and stored clearly in the Bait BinderZ from Z-Man. Since the Z-Man packaging is perforated, it can simply be "filed" into the folder - a simple, inexpensive and, above all, practical solution! The BaitbinderZ Doublewide can store up to 20 Z-Man packs. There are also 8 transparent compartments in different sizes available for leader spools, tools, jig heads, hooks and other small items.

ATTENTION: Please do not store Z-Man rubber baits together with soft plastic baits from other manufacturers. Either store it in the original bag or create a separate tackle box just for ElaZtech baits.

Product details:

  • Size: 45x29cm