Z-Man Chatterbait Willowvibe

Color: 01 Pearl
Weight: 10.5 grams


Z-Man Chatterbait Willowvibe is an innovative finesse chaterbait for use with small rubber baits.
It consists of a lead head with two realistic 3D eyes without a skirt with a willow leaf blade; unlike the classic hexagonal ChatterBlades usually found on Z-Mans Chatterbaits.
Z-Man Chatterbait Willowvibe was designed by ChatterBait inventors Ronnie and Ron Davis.

Like all chatters, it combines the headstock glare similar to that of a spinnerbait, the repetitive vibrations of a crankbait, and the penetrability and anti-snag of a jig, so it can be recovered both in open water and in close contact when not is in the covers. , worked quickly just below the water surface, in close contact with the bottom, slowing recovery or in vertical or lateral cracks.

Its small size allows us a quieter approach when entering the water and a slower fall without giving up the classic frantic swimming of the Chatterbait Z-Man.

The Wirebaits Z-Man Chatterbait Willowvibe fits perfectly with soft baits such as StreakZ 3.75, Slim SwimZ and Finesse ShadZ.

These chatters are equipped with a 2/0 strong and sharp black nickel hook, ideally sized to accommodate the Z-Man range of lures and guaranteeing an excellent hook during the bite!
The bait stop on the hook makes it easier to release the ElaZtech baits and guarantees maximum hold of all silicone baits on the hook even after several casts and catches!

ATTENTION: Please do not store Z-Man rubber baits together with soft plastic baits from other manufacturers. Either store it in the original bag or create a separate tackle box just for ElaZtech baits.

Product details:

  • Size: 2/0
  • Weights: 7.0 grams and 10.5 grams
  • Contents: 2 pieces