VARIVAS Trout Shock Leader

Model: 2 LB load capacity: 0.90kg #0.117mm


Another high-end quality product is the TROUT Shock Leader Fluorocarbon from Varivas, an absolute top class of Japanese high-performance lines which definitely leaves no questions unanswered - extremely hard, smooth and abrasion-resistant. This line combines all requirements in one, such as enormous sensitivity, maximum power, high abrasion resistance and comfortable handling. Each spool has an elastic band, which protects the line from UV and solar radiation and prevents it from rolling off the spool.

Product details:

  • Length: 30m
  • Color: 100% Fluorocarbon, absolutely transparent
  • Model:
2LB / 0.117mm / 0.90kg
2.5LB / 0.128mm / 1.13kg
3LB / 0.148mm / 1.36kg
4LB / 0.165mm / 1.81kg
5LB / 0.185mm / 2.26kg
6LB / 0.205mm / 2.72kg