VARIVAS Shock Leader 100% Fluorocarbon

Model: 10 LB load capacity: 5.0kg #0.26mm


VARIVAS Fluorocarbon Shock Leader is a hard, abrasion-resistant, very clear leader specifically designed for advanced fishing techniques. With excellent abrasion resistance to protect against contact with rocks, teeth, fins and boat floors as well as high impact resistance. At near zero visibility, the 100% fluorocarbon material disappears into the water. Made in Japan. Key Features: The Varivas Fluorocarbon Shock Absorber is available in a comprehensive range of sizes to suit all game fish applications. Varivas' unique "stress-free" coating combined with our super-hard SP-T coating ensures a perfect balance of low stretch and ultra-high sensitivity for excellent bait control.

Product details:

  • Length: 30 m
10LB / 5.0kg / 0.26mm
12LB / 6.0kg / 0.29mm
16LB / 8.0kg / 0.34mm
20LB / 10.0kg / 0.37mm
22LB / 11.0kg / 0.40mm
25LB / 11.9kg / 0.44mm
30LB / 14.2kg / 0.48mm
35LB / 16.5kg / 0.52mm
50LB / 25.0kg / 0.63mm
70LB / 35.0kg / 0.74mm
80LB / 40.0kg / 0.78mm
100LB / 50.0kg / 0.88mm
130LB / 65.0kg / 1.05mm