Varivas Ocean Blue Edition PE X8

Model: PE 0.6 load capacity: 5.9kg


The very strong PE material offers perfectly round, ultra-smooth and supple main line braid in thinner diameters. This line offers high sensitivity, easy bait control and accurate feedback or detection of the fish bite.
SP-V Coating reduces friction and improves durability. A new coating provides even better sealing of the fibers without affecting the silky-soft properties of the x8 braid. The result is an extremely round braided line with maximum load capacity in relation to the diameter. Due to the tight braiding, the surface of this cord is silky soft. This minimizes frictional resistance on the rings and achieves very long throwing distances.

Product details:

  • Model:
  • #0.6 / 5.9kg
  • #0.8 / 7.3kg
  • #1.0 / 9.1kg
  • #1.2 / 10.5kg
  • #1.5 / 14.1kg
  • #2.0 / 16.8kg
  • Length : 150m
  • Color: Ocean Blue
  • Manufacturer: VARIVAS