VARIVAS Light Game Shock Leader Ti-F

Model: 3 LB load capacity: 1.75kg #0.148mm


Another high-end quality product is the Light Game Shock Leader Titanium Coat Fluorocarbon from Varivas, an absolute top class of Japanese high-performance lines which definitely leaves no questions unanswered - extremely hard, smooth and abrasion-resistant.
The Light Game Shock Leader Ti-F is the new fluorocarbon from Varivas, introducing the new Ti-F technology. This is a titanium coating that significantly increases abrasion resistance compared to classic fluorocarbon and drastically reduces water absorption.
This coating is also combined with the SP-T treatment, which is a super resistant coating that gives greater resistance to the most stressed parts (knots and the parts close to the lure or carabiner). generally better resistance to abrasion.
Each spool has an elastic band, which protects the line from UV and solar radiation and prevents it from rolling off the spool. For us, this is currently one of the best fluoro leaders on the market, which certainly justifies the purchase price.

Product details:

  • Length: 30m
  • Color: 100% Fluorocarbon
3LB / 0.148mm / 1.75kg
4LB / 0.165mm / 2.25kg
5LB / 0.185mm / 2.75kg
6LB / 0.205mm / 3.25kg
7LB / 0.218mm / 3.75kg
8LB / 0.235mm / 4.25kg