VARIVAS Light Game Shock Leader

Model: 3 LB load capacity: 1.75kg #0.148mm


VARIVAS Light Game Shock Leader is an absolute high-end 100% fluorocarbon that definitely leaves no questions unanswered! The 30-meter spools are filled with a fluorocarbon that is second to none. Strength and the extremely clear 100% fluorocarbon are the key features of this leader, which can of course be used in fresh and salt water. Precisely because of the extremely soft material and yet very high abrasion and knot resistance, this leader line is an integral part of many quality-conscious anglers' tackle boxes around the world. For a better overview, all diameters are equipped with differently colored elastic bands, this protects the line from UV and solar radiation and prevents it from rolling off the spool.

Product details:

  • Length: 30m
  • Color: 100% Fluorocarbon
  • Model:
3LB / 0.148mm / 1.75kg
4LB / 0.165mm / 2.25kg
5LB / 0.185mm / 2.75kg
6LB / 0.205mm / 3.25kg
7LB / 0.218mm / 3.75kg
8LB / 0.235mm / 4.25kg