VARIVAS Ganoa Absolute AAA Fluorocarbon

Model: 5 LB load capacity: 2.26kg #0.185mm

The VARIVAS Ganoa Absolute AAA Fluorocarbon, the most recommended bass tournament line. Extreme abrasion and knot strength and minimal visibility in the water. Available in packaging of two interconnected rolls of 75 meters each.

Product details:
  • Length: 150m (2 x connected rolls of 75m each)
  • High abrasion resistance
  • Maximum load capacity
  • Minimal visibility underwater
  • Perfect handling
4LB / 0.165mm / 1.81kg
5LB / 0.185mm / 2.26kg
6LB / 0.205mm / 2.72kg
8LB / 0.235mm / 3.62kg
10LB / 0.260mm / 4.53kg
12LB / 0.285mm / 5.44kg