Model: PE 0.6 load capacity: 6.57kg


SLJ MAX POWER PE X8 is an 8-strand braided line specifically for light vertical techniques, manufactured by Varivas. Thanks to modern technologies, it was possible to produce the product using the “4-Blade Tight Tension” technique, which allows the braided line to reach a maximum stretch of 4%, which is unprecedented. This means that the braid has an unparalleled sensitivity that allows the fisherman to feel even the most imperceptible touches. It is a 10 x 5 multicolor that is repeated throughout the length of the thread. In addition, the 10m longitudinal coloring in the middle is further marked with 1m PE, marked with a contrasting shade to better see the micro-displacements of the PE. The braid is very round and smooth thanks to the new SPF fluorine treatment, which reduces friction with The rings and the possibility of wigs are reduced, making it perfect for vertical fishing.

Product details:

SPH: Super hard coating that gives the braid tension without stiffness

PE: PREMIUM material that reduces stretch by 30%

MAX POWER: 1.5 stronger than normal PE, round braid, ULTRA smooth and elastic, but with a thinner diameter (more or less 10%).

#0.6 / 14.5LB / 6.57kg

#0.8 / 16.7LB / 7.57kg

Length: 150m
Color: 10 x 5 Color Marking Line