VARIVAS Avani Casting PE Shore Master

Model: PE 0.6 load capacity: 6.57kg


With the AVANI Casting PE Max Power X8 Shore Master, 8 high-quality premium PE fibers were processed in a high-precision work process. The result is a premium line with high strength and an extremely long service life! Varivas has additionally refined this 8X braided high-tech line with the proven SP-F Super Fluorine coating. The result is an extremely smooth surface with reduced water absorption, long throwing distance and extremely high durability. This premium line is suitable for uncompromising sweet and saltwater fishing.

Product details:

#0.6 / 14.5LB / 6.57kg
#0.8 / 16.7LB / 7.57kg
#1.0 / 20.2LB / 9.16kg
#1.2 / 24.1LB / 10.93kg
#1.5 / 28.6LB / 12.97kg
#2.0 / 33LB / 14.96kg
  • Length: 200m
  • Color: White