VARIVAS Absolute CB Nylon

Model: 4 LB load capacity: 1.81kg #0.165mm


The Absolute Nylon measured at 20x the abrasion resistance of other standard nylon. The SP-F & UV-Cut coating eliminate damage and ensure perfect line control. The low stretch gives you perfect bait control and a good feel for what is happening under the water surface. The Absolute CB Nylon is marked at half the length, i.e. at 50m. If you don't need the full length, you can wind two spools evenly. A practical highlight are the included stickers with printed load capacity information. You can stick these to the spool or reel so you know exactly which line is on the reel.

Product details:

  • Length: 100m
  • Manufacturer: VARIVAS
  • Color: Neutral
  • Model:
4LB / 0.165mm / 1.81kg
5LB / 0.185mm / 2.26kg
6LB / 0.205mm / 2.72kg
8LB / 0.235mm / 3.62kg
10LB / 0.260mm / 4.53kg
12LB / 0.285mm / 5.44kg