VARIVAS 4 Col. Marking 150m

Model: PE 0.6 load capacity: 4.53kg


Varivas 4 Col. Marking is the brand new 4-strand braided line designed and developed by the Japanese company Varivas. The new Varivas STANDARD PE project has brought to life braided lines of even higher quality; Thanks to the new Varivas technologies, the new lines are even more sensitive, even more resistant and more powerful. The reduced diameter compared to other manufacturers allows for significantly longer and more precise throws. The marking version changes color every 10 meters in the order yellow-pink-green-orange-purple.
It can be used in both fresh water and salt water. The PE 0.6 and 0.8 braid is ideal for vertical fishing for perch, trout and whitefish.

Product details:


#0.6 / 10LB / 4.53kg (0.128mm)

  • Length: 150m
  • Color: 10 x 5 Color Marking Line