Quantum Mr. Pike Fire Ball Jighead

Weights: 30grams


Offering the dead bait fish or rubber fish temptingly is no problem with the Fireball Jig! Whether for vertical fishing under the boat or as a drifting rig in combination with the float. The Mr. Pike Fieball Jigs are painted in the irresistible, UV-active Firetiger design and, unlike many other Fireball heads, have an oversized, needle-sharp wide gape hook. This means that even large dead baitfish or big baits can be easily fixed at the front of the mouth. But they are not only ideal for fixing, they also anchor themselves perfectly in the hard pike mouth the first time! Equipped with a sturdy hanging loop for the leader and a second loop for the stinger.

Product details:

  • Weights: 20.0g, 30.0g, 40.0g and 50g
  • Contents: 2 pieces