OSP Drippy

Color: Sexy Shad DP04


"The Drippy" is an innovative frog bait that will renew the frog's mind. The drill tail, which was developed together with the bait brand "Teckel", produces a splash like a panicked baitfish when simply retrieved and when jerked it lures with a strong splash like a popper or darter. And if you use it in a closed area, it will slowly lure the bass to the spot. The weight of this bait is approximately 11g. So the ML~M rod gives you comfortable performance when you cast or move it. In addition, the single hook and the hollow structure and softness of the material make it easy to hook more than one frog or worm without using braided line. Contrary to the cute appearance, "The Drippy" is a super practical bait that anyone can easily fish.

OSP professional Kazufumi Yamaoka, who fishes at top Japanese tournaments, has used various frog baits as worms and achieved good results. "The Drippy" was made under his supervision using everything he had and was released as an OSP factory look.

Product details:

  • Length: 48mm
  • Weight: 18g