Original whitefish finder "Swiss Edition"


The "Original Whitefish Finder" has conquered the whitefish waters in Austria, Germany, Italy and Switzerland over the last 10 years. The "Original Whitefish Finder" is a whitefish swimmer that automatically adjusts to the depth. This means whitefish fishing without the hassle of the line stopper. When bitten, the “whitefish finder” falls over just like any other whitefish swimmer.

There is no comparable product that comes close to the design, workmanship and, above all, the quality of the "Original Whitefish Finder". The float is equipped with an adjustable pilot pose, so you can optimally adjust the whitefish finder to any wave. When the waves are high, the pilot is simply pushed up and when the waves are small, they are pushed down. The whitefish finder is best used with a light, soft rod such as a feeder, spirolino or floater rod in lengths of 3.00m-4.20m, a stationary reel filled with soft monofilament line in diameters 0.18mm-0.25mm of a Hegene which has a 25- 30g pear lead is equipped at the bottom. The whitefish finder is delivered including the transport container made of transparent plastic and provides additional protection.

Product details:

  • Length: 85cm
  • Includes robust transport container
  • Simple quick assembly
  • No cord stopper necessary
  • No plumbing or depth adjustment necessary
  • No tangling, no curling and no roughening of the line
  • Sliding floating bodies guarantee perfect function
  • Light weight
  • Long throwing distance
  • Also perfect for whitefish fishing from the bank
  • Made from the highest quality components such as carbon and Rohazell for years of use
  • The whitefish finder is made by hand in Austria
  • Every piece is tested for optimal function!