Nays SPLT 4.5"

Color: C-01


The Nays SPLT is a softbait with the body of the Nays VNM, but instead of the paddletail it has a splittail. This is also the origin of its name: SPLT stands for split. Split or V-tails, as such baits are also called, are very versatile baits and the SPLT exploits the maximum. So you can use it classically on a jig head, but it also performs excellently on a drop shot rig, as a soft jerk or on a darting jig head. But that's not all: thanks to the offset slot, the smaller sizes can be fished very well on various finesse rigs, while the larger versions are impressive for vertical and pelagic fishing. With the Nays SPLT you get a bait that YOU can use in almost all situations. It even cuts a fine figure as a trailer on chatter and spinner baits!

A real miracle bait from Nays:
The Nays SPLT also has the typical Nays pronounced ribs on the sides. These create turbulence in the water and also make the fish aware of the bait. In general, the shad has a very natural silhouette and this is further supported by the fine split tail. This trembles even with the slightest animation, which are subtle movements that are noticeable to predatory fish. Like the movement of the fins of smaller prey fish. The aforementioned offset slot allows the use of offset hooks, making the bait a very interesting option in weedy waters. The material is a soft, yet robust rubber mixture, which is salted and has a shrimp flavor. In addition, toxic plasticizers and phthalates have been avoided!

Product details:

  • available in 10 different colors
  • available in 5 different sizes
  • Aroma: Shrimp
  • salted
  • with offset hook slot
  • without toxic plasticizers
  • without phthalates


  • Contents: 7 pieces
  • Size: 4.5inch / 11.4cm
  • Weight: 6.5g
  • Perfect for big perch, zander and pike