Nays NDL 3.5"

Color: C-01


The Nays NDL was developed and tested by experienced anglers. It can be used for a variety of finesse techniques such as dropshot, Carolina, Texas and free rig or as a trailer for chatters and spinnerbaits. As a sofjerk, the NDL impresses with its unique sideways movements. On the darting jighead it unfolds extremely fast darting action. The NDL was equipped with hook slots on the stomach and back. This means it can be perfectly fished on an offset hook.

The Nays NDL is equipped with salt, which increases the weight of the bait and improves the casting properties. During each descent phase, the pintail develops subtle vibrations. The NDL is one of the most versatile predatory weapons developed by Nays.

Product details:

  • Pintail
  • available in 9 different colors
  • available in 3 different sizes
  • Aroma: Shrimp
  • salted
  • with offset hook slot
  • without toxic plasticizers
  • without phthalates


  • Contents: 9 pieces
  • Size: 3.5inch / 8.9cm
  • Weight: 3.6g