Monkey Lures Screw Head

Weight: 50grams
Color: Black & Black


Monkey Lures Screw Head - Screw heads for rubber fish - The screw heads from Monkey Lures are a good choice when fishing with rubber baits. With the scew heads you can weigh down your rubber baits very well. Unlike a jig hook, the screws are twisted into the head of the rubber. The screw spiral ensures a secure hold between the softbait and the weight. In addition to the weight aspect, the screwheads are particularly impressive because of their design. They provide a great visual addition to your rubber fish.

The Screw Head screw heads for rubber fish are very suitable for fishing for zander and pike.

Product details:

  • Screw heads for softbaits
  • For a harmonious appearance of the bait
  • Screw spiral easy to assemble
  • Firm hold in the rubber bait
  • for baits from a length of 10cm
  • Box contents: 1 weight in a chosen colour
  • Weights: 50grams and 80grams