Major Fish Light Inline Hook

Size: #1


It is now mandatory on many waters: fishing with single hooks. But even where treble hooks are allowed, it can have advantages to convert your own bait to single hooks.
The Light Inline single hook from Major Fish is ideal for this: with the light, sharp and at the same time stable hook, wobblers, spinners and spoons can be converted to single hooks.
The hook bow was deliberately chosen further. The hook ratio is excellent and it is not uncommon for the single hooks to even hook better than the treble hooks. Releasing the bait from the fish's mouth is also easier with single hooks and is also gentler on the fish. The Light Inline was specifically designed so that it does not change the course of the bait.

Product details:

  • Sizes: #1, #2, #4 and #8
  • Contents: 6 pieces