Major Fish Jika Sinker Tungsten

Weight: 7.2 grams


The practical clip weights can be easily attached to rubber baits and hard baits. With the small eyelet you turn the weight into the shallow screw or into the eyelet of a hardbait. Turn in and out quickly. Can be used for different baits. The clip weights are made of tungsten and are significantly smaller than lead of the same weight. This means that the weights are less disruptive when throwing.

Also ideal in conjunction with our Pike Rigs for pike fishing. Simply screw the weight into the eyelet at the front and offer the bait in deeper areas of water.

Product details:

  • Weights: 3.5g (4 pieces), 5.3g (3 pieces), 7.2g (3 pieces), 8.8g (2 pieces) 10.6g (2 pieces), 14.0g (2 pieces)