Major Fish Connector Jigheads 2/0

Weight: 5.0 grams


Major Fish's connector jig heads are known among anglers for their sharpness. The wide hook arch enables perfect hook setting. The jigheads are produced by us in the EU and tested to all common standards. We attach great importance to the perfect processing of our products. What is an absolute no-go for us are, for example, wobbly hooks or edges from watering.

The black, special jig hook is characterized by its incredibly sharp tip. In contrast to conventional jigheads with lead shafts, where the rubber baits often tear at the base, the baitholder of the connector jig heads was designed so that the snout does not tear, even with a soft rubber mixture. Due to the variety of sizes and weights, the Connector Jighead from Major Fish is ideal for pike, zander, perch and even catfish fishing.

Our Major Fish jig heads are extremely durable and stable. This is made possible by the special metal alloy. The selection of weights from 5 to 25 grams gives you all the options for fishing at the right depth.

The beginner's rule when fishing in still water is: 2 - 2.5 grams per meter of water depth. Additionally, wind and distance should also be taken into account when choosing weight.

Product details:
  • Size: 2/0
  • Contents: 3 pieces
  • Recommendation size of the bait: 7.5-10cm