Major Fish Cheburashka Tungsten

Weight: 5.0 grams


Fishing with lead is prohibited on more and more waters. The Tungsten Cheburashkas are a real alternative. A clip with two eyelets is pushed into the weight. You remove the clip, hang a single hook or offset hook into the eyelet and pushes the clip back through the weight. You then attach a snap or leader to the second eyelet.

The more flexible connection compared to the rigid jig head brings several advantages. The Cheburashkas are a useful alternative to the jig head, especially for lead-free fishing. Due to the high density of tungsten, the Chebus are significantly smaller than a comparable lead product. Special attention was also paid to a sturdy clip with large eyelets. This means that the bait plays freely and flexibly on the single hook.

Product details:

  • Weights: 3.0g (4 pieces), 5.0g (3 pieces), 7.0g (3 pieces), 10.0g (2 pieces) 14.0g (2 pieces), 16.0g (2 pieces)
  • better for the environment
  • higher density and therefore finer fishing possible
  • flexible connection of bait and center of gravity
  • Fast bait change possible
  • different weights can be freely combined with different hooks