Z-Man Slim Swimz 3"

Color: 28 Smelt


The 3" Slim Swimz from Z-Man are small rubber fish that are particularly suitable for bass and trout fishing. The slim, fish-like shape in combination with the shovel tail creates a lively action underwater even when guided slowly. The easily follows The inwardly directed blade tail ensures additional water turbulence.

  • All Z-Man soft baits are made from ElaZtech. This material is super soft and therefore enables incomparable bait play.
  • The Z-Man rubber fish are extremely elastic and yet tear-resistant, so that the bait is around 10x as durable as regular rubber fish.
  • The rubber mixture is buoyant, so that carefree baits float in the water.

All Z-Man baits are free of PVC, plastisol or phthalates.

ATTENTION: Please do not store Z-Man rubber baits together with soft plastic baits from other manufacturers. Either store it in the original bag or create a separate tackle box just for ElaZtech baits.

Product details:

  • Material: ElaZtech
  • Contents: 8 pieces
  • Size: 3" / 7.6cm
  • Strongly buoyant