KP Baits Cheburashka Tungsten UV-Active

Weight: 3.0 grams


The Tungsten Chebus from KP are available in two different sets. One is the natural version consisting of plain, silver and gold (in the pack of two then only plain and gold) and the other is the UV version with UV pink, UV orange and black (in the pack of two black and orange). The Chebus can be used with different hooks and are packed in a practical blister.

In clear water we recommend the natural Chebus. The UV Chebus can achieve surprising results in cloudy water.

Product details:

  • Weights: 3.0g (3 pieces), 5.0g (3 pieces), 7.0g (3 pieces), 10.0g (2 pieces) 12.0g (2 pieces)
  • UV active
  • better for the environment
  • higher density and therefore finer fishing possible
  • flexible connection of bait and center of gravity
  • Fast bait change possible
  • different weights can be freely combined with different hooks