Geoff Anderson Thermal4

Size: XL


Thermal4 Trouser

The future begins yesterday. We take yesterday's waste and give it a second life in the form of reused, sustainable fibers.

100% made from recycled PET bottles. Yes, you read it correctly. Thermal4 trousers are made from plastic bottles, so you can do something for a better environment yourself when you buy our thermal clothing. Thanks to Repreve® technology and eco-engineering, we have developed materials that have a much lower impact on the environment.

If you want to buy sustainable fishing clothing, you can do so with our Thermal4 trousers.

Certified, traceable, high-performance yarns are produced from plastic bottles. Garbage from the waste container is processed into your new thermoregulating middle layer.

Thermal4 pants are part of our popular Thermal line. Our thermal products are highly breathable and well insulated.

Our Thermal4 trousers are cozy, soft, warm and robust. The best base layer for use with neoprene, rubber waders.
The ideal base layer for use when fishing/under fishing jackets.

Fleece absorbs sweat vapors and transfers them to the surface.


  • Highly elastic
  • Flat elastic seams
  • Elastic waistband with a drawstring for better width adjustment
  • 4-way elastic “open sock”
  • Lighter, elastic fabric in the crotch.

Functional properties:

  • Super quick drying
  • Highly breathable
  • Warming and thermoregulating
  • Anti-pilling, hardly pills
  • Extremely robust like no other fleece
  • Designed in Denmark

We care about you and nature:
Licensed Repreve® fabric
Repreve® 100% recycled polyester
Recycled and recyclable

4-way elastic “open sock” keeps pants in place and helps when putting on waders.
A light, elastic fabric is sewn into the crotch.

Thermal4 pants are highly breathable and regulate core heat thanks to the special fiber structure.

Thermal4 pants have flat, elastic seams. The fabric is very soft and extremely durable.

Super elastic. Better performance and thermal properties combined with free movement.

The fibers trap heat for effective insulation. Hydrophobic Repreve® fibers are water-repellent and the clothing dries quickly. This ensures pleasant warmth and comfort.

Various advanced knitting methods create unique structures with high performance properties.

The unique aftercare methods give the right look and feel. The composition of fibers gives a soft texture and forms the air pockets in the fabric, which are important for thermoregulation and breathability.

Knitted from premium 100% recycled Repreve® polyester yarns. Repreve® polyester products are certified and traceable. Because there is a signature/FiberPrint in every fiber, which proves how much Repreve is contained and the garment has a verified certification.

Not all shearling fleece is created equal. Low quality shearling fleece can quickly pill and fade, affecting the appearance and performance of the garment. With authentic Repreve® yarn you will see and feel the difference.

REPREVE® is one of the leading brands for recycled fibers. Produced from plastic bottles.

Thermal4 trousers are comfortable, resistant and stylish.