Geoff Anderson Dozer Rough Hose Leaf

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Size: M


Urus Rough – uncompromising waterproof design

Designed for serious fishing, whether in a boat or on a muddy river bank.

Our Urus pants have been in production for 24 years.

They combine functionality and comfort, making them an all-rounder among fishing pants.

They are popular from fly anglers to sea anglers. The wide application is successful thanks to the adapted materials and design. That's why Urus Rough differs significantly from other models.

Urus Rough is completely uncompromising for extreme conditions with rain, mud, wind and for big fish.

This design was created for the angler who catches and releases big fish. That's why the pants are without sharp edges, zippers and Velcro so that the fish are not damaged.

Urus Rough celebrates simplicity without leaving out the usual functionality as this clothing is designed for the anglers who catch and release the fish.

Our Mission Rough version is the strongest version of Urus that can do much more and is more durable under the extreme conditions.

This means that among the various new developments in the design, the durability and the water-repellent effect/waterproofing have been dramatically improved.

Detailed tailor-made functions and methods are included in the rough execution.

The pants from above:

Adjustable, removable suspenders with lightweight click buckles.

Highly sophisticated design. Belt for waist adjustment.

Highly elastic waistband insert. Expands up to 3 sizes (7cm)

Without compositions/seams in the crotch, waterproof - even when sitting in the rain.

A YKK zipper in the front part of the pants.

Double reinforced layer on the buttocks and knees.

The fabrics are coated and reinforced to meet the requirements of the maximum water resistance test. Even when touched, it is clear that our product performs. A light lining gives better comfort during high activities.

Urus Rough represents a solid experience in your promotions as you go through the mud, rain and wind as a specimen enthusiast to catch the fish of your dreams.

100% waterproof and breathable fabrics keep away heavy rain and wind.

Urus Rough is suitable for salt water. Our design is saltwater resistant with the latest generation of YKK® zippers.

Urus Rough:
The elastic waist and adjustable straps allow for personal adjustment.

A covered YKK® zipper at the leg cuffs.

The fit of Urus Rough is optimized and adjusted to give anglers an even better experience when fishing from a boat or on a muddy bank.

To help all anglers find the right size, we not only have a “stretchy” design, but also different leg lengths. We also have sizes L, XL, XXL in a shorter version.

Two waterproof* handwarmer pockets at chest/side. Detachable pockets with a zipper on each side. The bags can be easily put on and taken off.

*Waterproof/tight bags; Bags are waterproof in rain, snow and waves. But if the pockets are under the water without being zipped up, then you will stay dry despite the water in the pockets.

Color: Leaf with green inserts.


  • 100% wind and waterproof
  • Breathable
  • YKK® zippers
  • High tensile strength
  • Taped seams
  • Adjustable waistband
  • Waterproof bags
  • Hand warmer pockets
  • Double layer on the buttocks and knees
  • High fret
  • Removable bag
  • Loose parts Eco-tex certified
  • Developed in Denmark
  • 25 years of experience
  • Size L, XL, XXL in two lengths.