Fastening front bar with cardan joint

Size: 800mm


This item improves the front bar supplied as standard on belly boats. The standard bars are held in place using clips that are glued to the belly. The big disadvantage - the rod rotates. This means that no tables or pipe holders can be properly attached to the belly. They also have the problem that they are difficult to click into place in cold weather and can unintentionally detach from the belly when the weather is too warm.

Therefore, these clips are removed using heat and pliers and Fasten holders are glued instead. Now the bar can simply be attached to the belly and does not rotate. Getting in is a pleasure because only one side has to be loosened, the bar can be swung up like a barrier and easily reattached after getting in. The cardan joints are special. They are made of stainless steel and can be tilted a little more than 180° and rotated 360°. When you launch the boat, you can also hold onto one end of the pole and steer the boat perfectly in front of you before getting in.

Very often a 20 x 80 cm table is installed on the pole in order to measure your fish or place your utensils there. The rod is made of aluminum and then anodized black. This looks nicer, feels better and the pole doesn't get as cold in winter.

Fortunately, the Elling comes with 2 x brackets in the perfect place for this railing from the factory. Therefore you don't have to remove or glue anything on the boat.

The rod is also available for the Railblaza system.

3 different lengths are available for the following example belly boats:

Gr800: Savage Gear, Zeck Belly Cat, Jenzi 170, Black Viking and 12BB Stealth
Gr820: Elling Optimus
Gr850 Float Expert 2.0 and 12bb Jumbo

Danger! The length only refers to the aluminum tube. Bracket center to bracket center are the following dimensions:

860.4mm at Gr800
880.4mm for Gr820
910.4mm at Gr850

Product details:

  • Sizes: 800mm, 820mm and 850mm
  • no rotating of the rod
  • easy to attach and remove the front bar
  • Additional brackets can be mounted
  • 32mm diameter
  • black anodized aluminum