EVA belly boot bag Bakkan


If you want to upgrade your belly boot bag for a higher quality one, then this bag is the right one for you.

The bags supplied usually have the following problems:

Wobbly hold due to Velcro fastener. If the bag is also loaded, it can fall off unintentionally. With us, the bags are invisibly fastened with clips using four straps underneath. Or even tighter by fastening/Railblaza stars on a mount.
Bag collapses because it is shipped either in fabric or flattened to save costs. We use EVA material, which is very light and yet stiff in shape. Our bags are shipped from Japan in their original shape without being creased. The stiff shape means you can rest your elbow on the bag while fishing.
Not waterproof. We use a special zipper to make the bag 100% waterproof. This keeps everything in the bag dry. There are also customers who put their lithium battery in their bag and leave the cables out. Cell phones, wallets, even fishing jackets find a safe and dry place in the bag.

The bag is available in 2 different versions. For this one, the 2 straps supplied must be glued and the other straps are attached to the bag using aluminum angle fasteners or Railblaza stars so that they can be attached to glued brackets on the belly boat.

This version is significantly cheaper because no stars with aluminum brackets and 2 brackets are required. All you need is glue. The matching PVC tabs are included. These are glued directly to the boat skin. Using the template provided, the tab can be stuck on perfectly and precisely (see video). Since the buckles are located under the bag, the bag looks particularly good mounted on the belly.

NOTE: For all owners of an Elling belly boat from 2020. Assembly is particularly easy here. The clips are in exactly the same position. We left the end of the strap longer so that the bag's original clip can be threaded there. 2 of the clips can only be cut out of the bag. You can buy the original clips here:

Product details:

  • Size: 480x240x115mm
  • Weight: 800g