Drop Shot Sinker Tungsten

Weights: 3.5 grams


Elite Tungsten Drop Shot weights are made from 97% Tungsten (tungsten) and are significantly smaller compared to drop shot weights of the same weight. Their narrow shape enables the hardness of the water bottom to be reliably determined and ensures good contact. The elongated shape of the sinkers also helps to achieve long casting distances. This tungsten sinker can be used for various modern fishing techniques such as down, drop, shot rigs and free rigs. be used. In addition, the use of lead is no longer tolerated in all waters in Europe. Tungsten weights are lead-free and not harmful to the environment.

Product details:

  • Weights: 3.5g (4 pieces), 5.0g (3 pieces), 7.0g (3 pieces), 10.0g (2 pieces), 14.0g (2 pieces), 21.0g (2 pieces)
  • Color: Green Pumpkins