Model: DFC 10LB load capacity: 4.9kg #0.25mm

Sensational leader material that combines the advantages of fluorocarbon and hard mono in one line! The special coloring of the fluorocarbon portion makes it almost invisible under water, while at the same time the hard mono portion provides very good abrasion resistance and good knotability!

For us, the diameters from 0.66mm (60lbs/27.3kg) are considered "pike-safe", and we use the 100lbs and 120lbs lines when trolling with larger baits. Of course, these are also perfect for sea fishing. Also on warm water predators such as Barracuda, GT, Tuna etc...

The price/performance is sensational! Comparable 100% fluorocarbon lines (with poorer abrasion resistance and poorer knotting properties) are sometimes twice as expensive depending on the diameter.

The DFC can be knotted easily up to 80lbs (0.78mm), from 90lbs (0.83mm) we recommend appropriate clamping sleeve installation. The stated load capacities are linear specifications, knots reduce the load capacity accordingly, clamping sleeves largely maintain it and minimize the load capacity losses.

Product details:
  • Length: 50 m
10LB / 4.9kg / 0.25mm
15LB / 7.2kg / 0.30mm
20LB / 9.1kg / 0.36mm
40LB / 18.2kg / 0.52mm
50LB / 22.8kg / 0.56mm
60LB / 27.3kg / 0.66mm
70LB / 31.8kg / 0.70mm
80LB / 36.4kg / 0.78mm
90LB / 40.9kg / 0.83mm
100LB / 45.4kg / 0.88mm
120LB / 54.5kg / 0.96mm