Eastfield Wingman Curly 23cm

Color: Sparkle Olive Bream

The best curly shad on the market for predatory pike fishing.
Many years ago, twisters were by far the most popular soft baits. The tide has now turned somewhat and the majority of anglers are using rubber fish with a paddle tail, especially when it comes to targeting pike. The Wingman Curly from Eastfield Lures follows on from the Twister generation, but this rubber bait has nothing to do with the Twisters of yesteryear. The large crescent tail not only ensures seductive play in the water, but also extreme body flanking in the water! The shape and length of the tail was optimized until the action fit perfectly! For example, if you fish the Wingman Curly from Eastfield Lures with a shallow rig without weight, the bait does not roll over like many other baits with a twister tail do. The bait run with a jig head is also perfect, and especially in heavily fished waters, this completely different form of bait is an absolute must for our local pike.

The Eastfield Lures team is made up of real anglers, which is immediately noticeable when you look at the wide range of colors!
Eastfield Lures produces lures of the absolute highest quality. Jacob Magnusson makes the rubber fish by hand with absolute precision and attaches great importance to small details. Every rubber lure is a little work of art! The workmanship and catchability of Eastfield Lures are unique and at a level that sets new standards.

Product details:
  • Handcrafted in Sweden
  • Length: 23.0cm
  • Weight: 77.0g
  • Action: Sinking
  • Contents: 1 piece